Friday, April 3, 2009

Wire City

My work has slowly sifted focus from interior spaces to exterior spaces.My present body of work explores the intersection between the physical construction of cities and the society it breeds.
I am interested in the urban villages that are within Delhi. The objective of having these urban villages was not to disturb the dwellings of the villagers and therefore keep it out of city planning norms, but over the years what have emerged out of it are rather little pockets of complete chaos.
The people living in these villages are marginalized; they hardly have any access to clean, air, water, electricity, drainage systems or sometime even basic sunlight. In the other hand, the idea of such urban villages is unrealistic because they ignore broader social and economic realities. The ability to create self-contained villages within a huge metropolis city is questionable as employment and activity patterns continue to become more complex. 


rishi sahany said...

you got an eye :)

sneha said...

these are all very beautiful!!