Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Heloo everyone,
I am looking forward to see all of you guys here. my first solo exhibition at the India Habitat center. the opening is at 6.30 8th of may . I am super excited and nervous.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Mountain

This book took forever and after being shelved for more than a year, we got it all together and printed it, and yay!! it is out for all the kids
I looked at lots of madhubani art while coming with the style.
Here are some images from the Hindi version of the book

Title - Free Mountain (English/Hindi)
Published By - katha

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wire City

My work has slowly sifted focus from interior spaces to exterior spaces.My present body of work explores the intersection between the physical construction of cities and the society it breeds.
I am interested in the urban villages that are within Delhi. The objective of having these urban villages was not to disturb the dwellings of the villagers and therefore keep it out of city planning norms, but over the years what have emerged out of it are rather little pockets of complete chaos.
The people living in these villages are marginalized; they hardly have any access to clean, air, water, electricity, drainage systems or sometime even basic sunlight. In the other hand, the idea of such urban villages is unrealistic because they ignore broader social and economic realities. The ability to create self-contained villages within a huge metropolis city is questionable as employment and activity patterns continue to become more complex. 

Otherside of space

The most exciting part for me is when a work of art in progress. It is sentient, 'Work in progress' is a flux than intermediate stage, it is evolving, growing, ever changing and continuously leaving it's mark behind.


These are from a very distant past. drawing these are such a thrill. may be soon enough I will start figure drawing all over again.

Sketches and drawings


spaces truly intrigue me. they reside not only in the tangible world , but also in the mind.


This work draws heavily from my memory – snapshots of what I have observed and experienced. These are not vivid images – but interpretation of places and people as I define and understand them, sometimes real and quite often, imagined. Every painting to me is an extract from a story, a part of a narrative. These are pauses, which have followed from a train of thought wandering to another place or time.